MAGIC Tournament INFO

MAGIC has separate divisions for every level. Last year we had 16 team divisions in 6A, 6B, 7B and 8 or more in every other division.

 166 GIRLS teams, 370 games, 4th-Varsity, A and B divisions

Consider Magic for next year. Check out the results and format we use at MAGIC, where every game counts! Congrats to all of our medalists and thanks to all of our teams, coaches and parents for participating in the 2016 MAGIC Tournament.

Final Results 4th Grade Schedule (12 teams)

Final Results 5th Grade “B” Schedule (16 teams)

Final Results 5th Grade “A” Schedule (12 teams)     

Final Results 6th Grade “B” Schedule (16 teams)

Final Results 6th Grade “A” Schedule (16 teams) 

Final Results 7th Grade “B” Schedule (16 teams)

Final Results 7th Grade “A” Schedule (14 teams)     

Final Results 8th Grade “B” Schedule (20 teams)

Final Results 8th Grade “A” Schedule (20 teams)     

Final Results 9th Grade “B” Schedule (8 teams)

Varsity Results (16 teams)

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5 Responses to MAGIC Tournament INFO

  1. Judy Nicholson says:

    The tourney was a great tourney and competitive as could be. The only draw backs was the medals were so cheap. I think they could have been much better quality . from such a great tourney. Operated great and had lots of fun and neat things to buy. Thankyou for a wonderful tourney.

  2. Team Mom says:

    Nicely organized tournament and great facilities at local schools and especially the county community centers. Tournament and facility staff were top notch, as were the officials and scorekeepers that were provided. Wish all facilities had the awesome concessions that the main community center had. That was great. Highly recommend this tournament!!!

  3. Coach Carol - Ravens says:

    Scott – This has become one of the best tournaments on the East Coast Competition Wise – just a Top Notch Tournament – Great competition and very well run!
    Staff outstanding….!
    Coach Carol – Columbia Ravens Basketball

  4. Dee Dee Fox & Chelsea Flores-Matrix of VA says:

    Very well organized. Great competition! Top notch facilities. Love the free Gatorade product coupons for the players and the practical, good quality coaches gifts. Thanks for going the extra mile to provide staff to handle the book & clock. Every detail was covered including signs to direct us! This is so much fun! Well done!

  5. Mike Johnson says:

    Great tournament. I agree with the team mom about the medals. Please get better officials. Most of the officials did not have a clue about basketball.

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